“When you change the way you look at things,
the things you look at change.”

Success Stories and Ongoing Projects

Private Equity Firm

Reducing employee-related expenses, tax-efficiently, investing profits from one portfolio company to another.

Goal or Result:
A series of captive 
insurance companies allowed risks to be managed at the PortCo level, but allowed for reinsurance to be negotiated with volume discounts.  By making executives and key employees owners of insurance companies, incentive compensation was recharacterized as risk management  making it much more efficient.

Non-Profit Hospital

Recruiting and retaining physicians, attracting executive talent in a highly political environment, and increasing fundraising.

Goal or Result:
Implemented a proprietary deferred compensation alternative. Executives received 50% more net compensation while the hospital reduced expenses by $25M per year.

Multi-Family Office


Office staff was looking for additional income items AND opportunities to save money for its owner families.  

Goal or Result:
We created a series of family owned insurance companies to give us negotiating power with reinsurers. We also co-owned an insurance agency with them to help reduce costs of retail insurance.

Publiclytraded Manufacturer

Needed to improve earnings by $25M to offset losses resulting from currency changes and increased costs of imported raw materials.

Goal or Result:
JarvisTower completely restructured the executive compensation program. By creating co-investment programs with the executives, millions of dollars that used to be salary expense were turned into company assets. The value of the company increased $200M.

Boutique Law Firm

Retaining top rainmakers and biggest producers without disrupting existing partnership agreement.

Goal or Result:
Built a proprietary risk management program around each partner’s business relationships. Partners benefited directly from their ability to keep business and clients on the books.

Our Strategic Partners


Chris identified powerful tax-saving opportunities I had never seen. More impressively, he led a team of attorneys to integrate the new ideas within the regulations and complexities of a family-owned, national franchise.

Having a high-priced team of professional firms working for you doesn’t mean you are getting the best possible advice. I highly recommend you talk to Chris and see what you might be missing.

Gordon Logan

CEO, Sport Clips

BEST USE OF AN HOUR! Every time I talk to you, I get more out of my hour than I get from weeks of working with other advisers. You help me get to the real problem quickly, weigh the issues, clearly see the real costs and benefits of the options, and come up with the best plan of attack. I highly recommend anyone with tax, financial or business issues to hire you for a couple of hours. It will be a test drive worth taking.

Dr. Simeon Wall, Jr.

Plastic Surgeon, Shreveport, LA

Chris is a valuable asset to my company, my family and me. He takes the time to understand the real concerns, asks the tough questions most people won’t, and brings very creative solutions. He communicates well with our other advisers, our management team and our family members. Working with Chris was a great investment on my part.

Chris May

CEO, IE Discovery

I met Chris at a national meeting, and I was immediately interested in what he had to say. After several consultations, and a myriad of questions, we created a financial plan that I have carefully followed. This comprehensive plan includes retirement planning, estate planning and tax management. It has created clear path for me to financial success – the way I define success.

Before meeting Chris, I was working without a clear goal in mind. Now I have targeted milestones and have a great deal of confidence in what my financial future holds. I have found Chris to be honest, forthright, and easy to work with. I’d encourage anyone with financial questions to engage Chris and see if there is a mutual fit.

Dr. David Kaufman

Plastic Surgeon, Folsom, CA